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‘There is a bug in the application.’ How to act?

  • February 23, 2022

Mistakes during the development process are quite normal. It is important to quickly find and fix them. In fact, a bug is an unexpected result of the work. This is a usual phenomenon that occurs in the development of any complex product. The question is how many bugs will be found, and how bugs in applications or sites will be fixed by developers?

Bugs are a normal and inevitable occurrence in any complex software. The mass user got acquainted with this phenomenon mainly through video games and office programs. Even corporations like Microsoft or Google, which employ a staff of thousands of QA specialists, cannot completely guarantee their absence in their products.

Errors in programming

There are several types of errors in programming. They can no longer be called bugs because some of these errors lead to critical consequences. But they can also provoke additional problems in the form of bugs. Here are the main problems:

  • Syntax error

When a programmer writes code, he may make a typo or put an extra character. In this case, the code simply will not compile, the system will say that there is an error in the code and, most likely, show where it is located.

  • Warning

Or just a warning. The program will build and continue to run but may issue a warning that there are minor violations in the code. They do not fundamentally affect performance, are not critical, but can create negative consequences. For example, the program becomes heavier and takes up more RAM.

  • Segmentation fault

If the program tries to write some data to a cell that is not intended for this type of record, this problem occurs. There are other types of errors, these are just the most common ones. If they occur, the programmer must detect the problem and fix it. Otherwise, the program may simply not work.

How to avoid mistakes?

To solve this problem, it is necessary to conduct testing. There are several types of tests. Even a very experienced programmer is not able to notice all the errors. Therefore, additional tools are used to help in solving the problem.

One of the tools is a special program that finds bugs. It allows you to automatically monitor the performance of the program and immediately warns of problems. Another solution is unit tests. The specialist describes the situations for each component and indicates what result is expected. Then the check is started, and if the result does not match the expected, a warning appears. Next, programmers find and fix the problem.

During alpha testing, the development team mimics user activity and tries to find problem areas. During beta testing, the program is provided to users for real use. All these tests help to launch the product, minimizing the risk of errors. But even that doesn’t always help. It is normal for errors to occur while using the program. Therefore, do not worry, smart developers will fix the problem quickly.

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