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  • September 24, 2020

The success and popularity of the site depends on the literacy of the choice of the color scheme for the site. Modern marketers and SEO specialists have long learned how to combine colors for advertising purposes.

How does color affect the perception of your site?

Each shade can have a certain effect on the human psyche.

For the site, it is necessary to select a certain color scheme, starting from its theme. A striking example of the successful use of color can be the well-known Coca-Cola drink. Its label has a bright red color, which not only attracts attention, stands out favorably against the background of many other colors, but also arouses interest and sympathy among people.

The correct color design for a website is not just about attracting a large number of visitors, but also the ability to create a completely unique and memorable brand.

Choosing a dominant color

The choice of primary colors for the company’s website, brand, and logo should be based on the specifics of the activity. At the same time, the color must evoke direct associations with the company in the audience.

Each large company has its color combinations for a reason. They are an important part of your marketing strategy. To understand how to use colors wisely for a website, you need to study their effect on and the effect they have on people.

  • Deep blue and turquoise shades appeal to buyers with little financial potential. These colors can be seen in banks and malls.
  • Bright blue, black, or red-orange appeal to active and emotional shoppers. These colors are used by fast foods and shops during sales.
  • Pink and crimson appeal to the average consumer and have no specific purpose for use.

Experienced marketers use a variety of color combinations to more effectively attract customers and buyers.

What color to use for your website?

In order for the site to attract the right audience and convey the correct message to visitors, it is necessary to correctly choose the main color for its design:

  • Green represents nature, health, and wealth. The color is pleasing to the eye and therefore easier on-site visitors.
  • Yellow symbolizes life, youth, and optimism. It is best used on sites targeting youth.
  • Orange attracts creative and friendly people. This color encourages action.
  • Red can become both a symbol of passion and energy and danger. As a rule, it is used to instantly make a person want to take some action on the site.
  • Pink is associated exclusively with the feminine theme. Therefore, it is often used on sites for women.
  • Purple is a symbol of wealth, success, and wisdom. This color has an extremely calming effect on people.
  • Blue symbolizes stability, reliability, and security. The color is versatile and attracts both men and women alike.
  • Gray is a calm color that embodies simplicity and clarity.
  • Black indicates solidity, elegance, and luxury. Used to promote premium goods.

To use colors more efficiently and create the right combinations, a color wheel has been developed, in which tones and mid-tones follow one after another, from warmer to colder.

You can work with a circle according to the principle of the triad, double system, analogy, separate, rectangle, and square.