Quantum Software

Our Process

We started by doing a comprehensive analysis of the company’s software and data analysis procedures. We then recommended for the company to invest in Tableau software to help track and organize their data.

We oversaw this process and managed the setup and fine-tuning based on their specific needs. We created executive dashboards and organized the data sources into data warehouses for the client.

  • Comprehensive analysis performed

  • Appropriate 3rd party software recommended

  • Software set up and fine-tuning performed

  • Easy to use data dashboards created

  • Better equipped to make strategic decisions

  • Data organized into warehouses

Quantum Software
Quantum Software

Our Solution

We recommended and oversaw the setup of Tableau software – a 3rd party data analysis and insights solution. This would give the client better understanding of their data and their client’s behavior on their platform.

The Results

Our client suddenly had a world of data and analysis opened up to them. This empowered them to make strategic decisions with the confidence knowing it was in line with what their audience desired.

The data was well presented, easy to analyze and a powerful basis on which to make key business decisions.

272% ROI
20% less CPA
0.09% CTR